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10/16/09 02:28 pm

has anyone seen bright star, the john keats movie? the trailer looks so good. i have very little money and plan on going to the movies tonight probably for the only time all season. i cant decide whether to see that, where the wild things are, or jennifer's body (very serious). i know i'll enjoy the latter two regardless.

6/29/09 01:00 pm

almost dying on bicycles.

6/8/09 04:43 pm

there are two things in this world i like the most. television. and everything else.
i use my flickr a lot now. it's called /pleaseplantmyphoto. now you show me yers?

3/14/09 03:53 pm

i feel like making cupcakes. very delicate ones with non dainty green icing. i dont have any of the ingredients. especially the green icing. i have chocolate stuff in the cabinet. i found something yellow and also blue and rubbed them together with my fingertips and made a green handprint. i am not a scientist, i forget how to do things, i might bite.

im reading jesus' son which is very funny and sort of disturbs yer galaxy. i watched the movie-version last night. i never liked billy crudup in anything til i saw this. i also rented a dumb kirsten dunst movie, or nick cave movie, but i ran out of weed so i layed in bed and knitted something in intervals of invisible farm animals across my eyes.

saturdays feel kind of lonely lately. so much empty time waiting for heat. francis broke my kite and now i have nothing to wave at spring with when she comes home.

1/5/09 02:18 pm



1/4/09 01:56 pm



thank god he's hot.

12/31/08 03:45 pm

i tried to read 50 books in 2008. it didnt happen. i bolded the ones that were my favorites.

01. atonement, ian mcewan
02. stardust, neil gaiman
03. my antonia, willa cather
04. the road, cormac mccarthy
05. neverwhere, neil gaiman
06. notes from underground, fyodor dostoevsky
07. love story, erich segal
08. winne the pooh, a.a. milne
09. the awakening, kate chopin
10. me talk pretty one day, david sedaris
11. no one belongs here more than you, miranda july
12. in the woods, tana french
13. winter's tale, mark helprin
14. sputnik sweetheart, haruki murakami
15. the facts in the case of the departure of miss finch, neil gaiman
16. the pill versus the springhill mine disaster, richard brautigan
17. twilight, stephanie meyer :-)
18. new moon, stephanie meyer
19. eclipse, stephanie meyer
20. breaking dawn, stephanie meyer
21. enduring love, ian mcewan
22. alice's adventures in wonderland, lewis carroll
23. the time traveler's wife, audrey niffenegger
24. bird by bird, anne lamott
25. naked, david sedaris
26. an unfortunate woman, richard brautigan
27. the flood, ian rankin
28. rabbit, run, john updike
29. actual air, david berman
30. alibi school, jeffrey mcdaniel
31. pride and prejudice, jane austen
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